2 Awesome Reasons to Choose Creo

Let's just get right in to it: 1 – Master Creo Functionality with PTC University6 We think the letters P, T and C spell CAD. We also want you to get the most from the software, so Creo ensures that, whatever your goals, you are able to learn quickly. For example, when you start the software, you will now see a dedicated window with all the new content in your release. Additionally, our Getting Started tutorials and guides have also been included to give new users a jumpstart! You’ll find that Creo Parametric has a revamped help system built on Google® indexing, so help is now fully searchable on the web, offering faster access to information when combined with the PTC Learning Connector (a

Overcoming the Challenges of Your Multi-CAD Environment with Unite Technology

Do you consider a career change each time a customer or supplier sends you a model on a different CAD system? Yeah, we don’t blame you. But fear no more! With Creo’s Unite technology, you can open data from common CAD systems directly into Creo. There’s no need to import and convert data you are not changing and no need for the original authoring CAD system. Unite technology makes this easy! Instead of worrying about lost design intent, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of collaboration: product quality, desirability and on-time delivery. The Creo Collaboration Extensions make your job even easier, if you can believe that. You can integrate updates to non-Creo data seamlessly as well as ex

The Internet of Things Isn't a Little Thing

Creating a competitive advantage is hard work. It sometimes feels like all the innovations have already hit the market and the margin between you and the competition is growing narrower. It’s like you’re suffocating. The modern marketplace requires vast amounts of information to be collected and analyzed beyond what engineers and marketers can eyeball. And from that, the advantage we seek is a single key insight culled from a big haystack of data. What is “big data”? Big data is one of the popular buzzwords that describes a vast set of information, something bigger than what can be analyzed through traditional (read: human) means. It starts with millions of records, which can seemingly be

Creo Makes Design Easy!

In Creo, you can quickly create freeform shapes and surfaces during concept design. You don’t need to be a ceramic artist to appreciate how fun and easy it is to model forms with clay – you just pick it up and start shaping something. In the same way, PTC has designed the Freestyle modeling features inside Creo Parametric to give you much the same experience. Simply start with a primitive shape, like a cube or a sphere, and use intuitive tools to push and pull until you have the design you want, complete with curvature continuous production ready surfaces! Your job has never been easier. Designing something like the pedal location geometry for a bicycle? No problem! All you have to do is ali

Late Design Changes in Creo? No Problem

You still remember the name of the guy from Marketing who needed that design change on a Friday afternoon. Seriously? Luckily, Creo has the answer, so you can conquer late design changes smoothly and easily. Thanks to flexible modeling capabilities in Creo, you can accommodate even the most radical late-stage design changes – quickly. Never again get stuck rebuilding a model because you couldn’t update it without breaking the original constraints! That stuff is a thing of the past. Instead, select and edit geometry and then head off for vacation knowing that the entire design will automatically update. Done. Think of all the things you can do with the extra time! Save time, reduce errors, a

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