How to Use the myView Review Change App in 6 Simple Steps (Demo Video Included!)

One of the main problems when reviewing a change using Windchill is that you see so much information on the screen that it can be overwhelming. To solve this problem, New Vision has created the myView App (using the ThingWorx Navigate platform), and specifically, the myView Review Change App to make engineers’ lives easier. Using the different views is extremely simple and easy, and enables you to work more efficiently, so there’s no reason to waste your time drilling through Windchill. Since every project is different, we have compiled this 6-step process so users can get used to the app and the way it functions. Here are the 6 steps to using the myView Review Change App: 1. From the

3 Effective Tools to Bring in 2 Months' Worth of Additional Revenue per Year

Today, our world moves and changes at break-neck speeds and technology is here today, gone tomorrow. Keeping up with it seems impossible and can cause unnecessary stress and frustration. We know that you as a CEO or project manager are constantly looking for ways to improve and increase productivity in the workplace. Think about it: Just 15 minutes of lost time per day (multiplied by only 20 employees) can result in almost 2 months of wasted time per year! And most organizations have more than 20 employees… What if you could gain that time back? Or at least half of it? That’s almost 2 months’ worth of additional revenue per year than your business is currently making. Worth it? I’d say

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