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Get Some Wins! 3 Steps to get IoT Enabled while Driving Value with your PLM Implementation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is damn exciting, it’s fascinating, and it has endless possibilities! But, like most transformational technologies, the endless possibilities lead to endless budgets and ultimately failed implementations because the target keeps moving and the blue sky ideas smolder and kill real business value.

Step 1 – Break out Core PLM (2 weeks)

Coming from the PLM world, the #1 challenge of getting a PLM initiative kicked off and building instant value was the endless possibilities. Open systems, configurations, customizations, we can do it all! Instead, most did nothing. Over the past 4-5 years, the PLM Paradigm has shifted. The concept of massive PLM Implementations has shifted to a more controlled, phased, and logical path to value. While each business is different, there are some consistencies that can add immediate value. So why not start there to get your organization IoT enabled?

Step 2 – Presentation Layer – UX (2 days)

Why can’t the story of connected “things” be about connected business systems? Why isn’t the IoT platform also the uniform platform to connect your ENTIRE business and improve the experiences for both your customers and the people in the trenches trying to innovate? The right IoT platform should bring innovative tools ripe to extend your PLM Initiatives and rapidly deploy applications faster than any customizations or integrations.

Step 3 – Harmonize Your Assets & Data – (2 days to 2 Months)

Take advantage of the power of PLM but utilize the flexibility and agility of an IoT framework and streamline PLM usability, aggregate data between systems like PLM, CRM and ERP to make rapid business decisions, connect without heavy customizations or integrations. And when the dust settles, you’ve solved countless PLM challenges and improved user experience and visibility, you’ll be enabled to take on your next IoT challenge...Smart Connected Operations (Manufacturing Assets)

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