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The Simple Answer to Your Complicated Data Categorizing Problem

Enterprises cannot survive without data, and moreover, they cannot survive without that data being organized.

However, because these teams serve separate functions, they collaborate amongst themselves using the same system of record – creating data silos at the company. Some rely on one platform, while still others rely on many different platforms, and the list goes on.

Without a single means to bridge these siloed systems – a centralized “system of engagement” – teams are missing out on valuable information!

In other words, you get stuck with sorting all that data you need, and some that you DON’T need, because you must sift through all the unique platforms and their various systems.

This leads to rampant workarounds: people without access to the systems of record instead use out-of-date information posted to third-party reporting tools, PDFs, email communications, and external file servers, creating lots of stress and confusion.

Fortunately, ThingWorx has the answer.

ThingWorx can take all of your data – no matter where it’s stored – and upload it all on to one, crisp, clean, easy-to-use platform. Gone are the days of sifting through countless systems while valuable time is lost.

ThingWorx is a new frontier, it’s the future!

If you would like to learn more about how ThingWorx can transform your company, visit our homepage, or download this e-book NOW.

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