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How to Publish and Share a ThingMark using Creo 5.0 (In 7 Easy Steps)

Augmented reality is quickly becoming a feasible option for many businesses. Showing products to customers has NEVER been easier!

This is especially true for large products that are difficult to transport. For example, if your company creates dump trucks, showing a dump truck to a client is rather difficult to do because you might have to transport a large object many miles. Sure, you can send a picture, or even multiple pictures, but it just isn’t the same as being able to see the parts and experience the product on a 3D level.

Lucky for you, Thing Worx Studio can solve your problems!

Here are the 6 steps to easily sharing your product using a ThingMark:

1. Select your project in Creo 5.0

2. Click on Tools, then Add ThinkMark.

3. Select your orientation preferences for your ThingMark as well as its size and hit the check mark when satisfied.

4. Click on Publish and then click on the ThingMark to select it, and hit Ok.

5. Log into your PTC AR server.

6. Select Print ThingMark, or select Share ThingMark (It all depends on your needs).

7a. If you selected Share: an email will automatically pop up with instructions for the person you’re sending it to, so that they will be able to view your product. You can edit it, or hit send after addressing it. It will be sent as a PDF that can be scanned easily from your client’s screen.

7b. If you selected Print: the ThingMark will be downloaded as a PDF and can be easily printed immediately. From there, you can put your ThingMark on the wall or the floor, or any flat surface at your events for your clients to experience.

Augmented Reality and Thing Worx Studio is the future of engineering!

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