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PTC is Leading the Future of Technology!

When you consider all that PTC has done to decipher the times and please the customer, it’s crazy! It couldn’t be easier to recommend them.

PTC has done well in adopting emerging technologies and predicting the trajectory of the discrete manufacturing market, but more importantly than that, PTC knows how to make things simple for those who have been frustrated with other companies in the past.

Certain product features came up short compared to some of their biggest competitors, and the sampling of PTC customer references tended to look elsewhere for software solutions in the simulation and manufacturing execution arena. Windchill users also tended to find the software’s analytics capabilities underwhelming and cited lower adoption of supplier management functionality than some competitors.

PTC is a great choice for discrete manufacturers looking for an involved vendor with IoT capabilities that can get their PLM solution up and running quickly and flexibly!

Don’t miss out get in touch with New Vision today or download this e-book to learn more!

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