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Discover Your Untapped Potential in the Workplace

Soft skills are more valuable than hard skills.

Times have changed – this isn’t the industrial age anymore. Today, knowing how to work well with people isn’t just extra credit, it’s a non-negotiable.

In his book, Stephen M. R. Covey illustrates how trust directly influences work efficiency. Trust makes projects go faster because it creates unity. Soft skills build that trust.

Hard skills can be easily taught – soft skills cannot. People only improve when they want to. You can’t force anyone to improve...they must decide for themselves.

Don’t do it for the money – do it for YOU.

1. Read

Always be reading a good book. As soon as you finish one book, pick up another one. Start with 15 minutes a day. 15 minutes is doable, and the ROI you’ll get from it is astronomical!

2. Listen

Find a podcast or audio system to listen to regularly. To find the best podcasts, find a podcaster with impressive soft skills. Listen to at least one podcast a day – this is essential. Listening to audios prohibits you from thinking negatively; you can’t think and truly listen at the same time.

3. Associate

Surround yourself with people who are moving forward. Without a community, implementing new information is difficult. Find a group. Enlist your spouse, kids, or friends to join you in your life-long mission to improve!

4. Act

This is the most important step – get into action! You’re wasting your efforts otherwise. Start to implement a little each day, and soon, it’ll become second nature!

Why the Big Secret?

It doesn’t take much effort, so why don’t more people improve?

Jeff Olson considers this concept in his book, The Slight Edge. If you do a little bit of something every day, it all adds up.

Why don’t more people don’t read 15 minutes, listen to one podcast, hang out with goal-oriented people, and start taking little steps to improve every day?

Because, while it’s easy TO do, it’s also easy NOT to do.

Those who develop these habits will rise to the top.

Will one of those be you?

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