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Your Job Made Easy with PTC Mathcad© 4.0 - Show, Solve, and Secure Your Work

Engineering calculations help to drive excellence in product design.

They predict your design’s behavior, driving critical parameters and dimensions. You and your team need a single tool that allows you to do accurate calculations easily, and then preserve, share, and reuse this important intellectual property (IP).

With PTC Mathcad, it’s easy, and who doesn’t want to make their job easier?

PTC Mathcad has all your engineering notebook’s ease-of-use and familiarity with live mathematical notation and units intelligence. Most importantly, the calculation capabilities produce far more accurate results than a spreadsheet can provide. And you can present your calculations with plots, graphs, text, and images in a single, professionally-formatted document.

The best part? Nobody needs specialized skills to understand PTC Mathcad data.

When your intellectual property is shareable, easily readable, and lives in one place, you’ve moved from managing information to making it a source of competitive advantage!

Check this out:

Key Benefits:

  • Securely communicate design intent and engineering knowledge

  • Intuitively construct calculations using standard math notation.

  • Author professional quality documents supported by live math, plots, text and images standardized calculations to streamline next generation product development and avoid the need to recreate calculations

  • Increase productivity with full units support throughout calculations

  • Get instant access to comprehensive learning materials and tutorials from within the product to get productive faster

Calculation Capabilities:

  • Calculate using standard operators for algebra, calculus, logic, linear algebra, and more

  • Evaluate, solve & manipulate expressions symbolically

  • Support for various data types including: Scalar, vectors and matrices

  • Complex numbers

Units Management System:

  • Comprehensive unit support for numeric and symbolic calculations, functions, solve blocks, tables, vectors/matrices, and plots

  • Automatic unit checking and conversion

  • Leverage hundreds of predefined units

  • Define custom units

Content Protection:

  • Prevent accidental or intentional modification of specified calculations with password protection

  • Lock content to prevent viewing and hide proprietary information


  • Curve fitting and smoothing

  • Data analysis and statistics

  • Design of experiments

  • Signal and image processing Fourier transforms

  • Digital filtering

  • File access

  • And hundreds more

Plotting and Graphing:

  • X Y plots scatter, line, column, bar, stem, waterfall, error, box, and effects

  • 3-D plots

  • Polar plots

  • Contour plots


  • Solvers for linear and nonlinear systems of algebraic and differential equations

  • Optimize constrained systems using the robust and powerful KNITRO® engine

  • Display symbolic solutions to systems of equations


  • Integrate Microsoft® Excel® component to enable bidirectional data passing with PTC Mathcad worksheet content

  • Incorporate embedded content from external applications (OLE)

  • Connect to external data files using read and write functions for various file formats including:

  • Text (.txt)

  • Excel (.xlsx, .xls, .csv)

  • Image (.bmp, .jpg)

Engineering Notebook, Powered by PTC Mathcad:

  • Document design intent by embedding PTC Mathcad worksheets directly within a PTC Creo part or assembly

  • Drive PTC Creo models from PTC Mathcad results

  • Reference PTC Creo parameters as inputs to PTC Mathcad calculations


Add logic using familiar programming operators and natural math notation

  • Loops (for, while)

  • Conditional statements (if, else if, else)

  • Error catching (try/on error)

  • Build recursive functions

Time to get to work and improve efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity!

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