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Discover the Amazing Capabilities and Benefits of the Controls Advisor App

The ThingWorx Controls Advisor App provides real-time alerts and analytics reduce unplanned downtime.

The Controls Advisor app is designed to help Controls Engineers remotely visualize, monitor, and troubleshoot industrial data and machine connectivity in real time, and provide instant notification of data communication errors. With real-time alerts and rapid tag trending, Controls Engineers can improve data quality and reliability, while reducing unplanned downtime.

Because time saved equals money saved.

Look at these cool capabilities:

· Receive instant text and email alerts for any server, device, or tag issue

· Trend any PLC tag in minutes

· Create alarms and issue text and email notifications for any tag

· Remotely troubleshoot PLC issues

· Get real-time connectivity to existing factory assets through OPC servers

And look at these wonderful benefits:

· Quickly determine root cause analysis for faster issue traceability and resolution

· Gain insight into connectivity errors

· Reduce unplanned downtime

· Increase flexibility through enhanced remote capabilities

Here’s another video with more information!

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