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Meet the ThingWorx Asset Advisor App

The Asset Advisor App provides real-time health checks to keep critical assets online.

Asset Advisor enables Maintenance Professionals to gain visibility into the health and status of critical assets. This app provides real-time anomaly detection and condition-based monitoring, so Maintenance Professionals can make more informed decisions and proactively correct potential issues before they impact production.

Imagine the time that can be saved!

Check out the awesome capabilities:

· Automatic remote notification when a machine signal or KPI deviates from normal behavior

· Real-time monitoring of all industrial assets, their status, and alarms

· Connects to all your industrial assets

· Instant text and email alerts for any server, tag, device, or machine issue

Check out these great benefits:

· Optimize maintenance planning, decision-making, and execution

· Reduce scrap and rework

· Reduce unplanned downtime with proactive issue identification

· Increase efficiency and flexibility

· Get real-time visibility into patterns and trends

For more information, check out this short, engaging video:

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