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3 Effective Tools to Bring in 2 Months' Worth of Additional Revenue per Year

Today, our world moves and changes at break-neck speeds and technology is here today, gone tomorrow. Keeping up with it seems impossible and can cause unnecessary stress and frustration.

We know that you as a CEO or project manager are constantly looking for ways to improve and increase productivity in the workplace.

Think about it:

Just 15 minutes of lost time per day (multiplied by only 20 employees) can result in almost 2 months of wasted time per year!

And most organizations have more than 20 employees…

What if you could gain that time back? Or at least half of it? That’s almost 2 months’ worth of additional revenue per year than your business is currently making. Worth it? I’d say so.

Unfortunately, saying your organization needs to be more productive is one thing, implementing a strategy is another. Fortunately, there are very innovative ways to increase productivity in the workplace using technology and innovative strategies. Here are some tools to increase efficiency:

1 – Have a System for Your Project Workflow

One of the first things you can do to improve your company’s performance is implementing a PLM system. Windchill is a great tool for this purpose. PTC is able to use Windchill for CAD (Creo, Solidworks, Inventor, AutoCAD, etc.) automation, Windchill Platform Structures, ThingWorx Navigate, ThingWorx Smart Connected Operations, Vuforia Augmented Reality, and more. Having a way to systematize your data is extremely important! If you don’t have an effective way to organize everything in your company’s database, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

2 – Have a Way to Categorize Your Data Efficiently

Another way to increase productivity in the workplace is to cut down on how much time your engineers take to complete product data requests. Exactly how long do they spend on tasks like that? Ask them. Sometimes, it can take up half a day – and that’s more than 15 minutes. ThingWorx Navigate looks to solve that problem by categorizing your data and making it available on demand. That’s right – no more wasted half days! Engineer intervention is no longer required as anyone can access anything they need instantly in real-time.

3 – Make it Simple

Now, all that is great, but what if we could make it even better and more productive while making the process even simpler?

Well, that’s what we did. The myView Review Change App simplifies the user's ability to Review Changes in a modern, single page experience. Basically, you only see what’s important to you and your work. Depending on someone’s role, they have a dashboard specifically designed for what they do, which means even more time and money saved because the app is allowing them to review changes in REAL-TIME!

Here’s a better breakdown of the capabilities of the myView app:

  • Simple Task List

  • Work Instructions

  • Open & Completed Task Views from Change Participants

  • Content and Comment View

  • Attachments

The result? Faster and more accurate decisions. Who doesn’t want that?

Is it expensive? Not really. Not when you compare it to 2 months' worth of additional revenue per year. In fact, it might be the smartest decision you could make this year.

There you go – 3 ways to make your workplace more efficient. Because time is money.

And that’s not just a cute little phrase – It’s 100% true.

Photo by on Unsplash

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