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14 Reasons to Switch from 2D to 3D CAD Now

Digitally transforming product design with 3D CAD is about improving your business. A few of the areas impacted are design accuracy, product improvement, cost estimation, engineer efficiency and the creation of sales and marketing content. The time is right to shift more of your design work from 2D to 3D CAD.

Design Accuracy

1. Drawing views are generated from the model – if it’s in the model, it’s in the view

2. Dimensions are based on the model and its geometry – numbers can’t be fudged to ‘look’ right

3. See a problem before it’s built – Check tolerance stackup, fitment, clearances, weight and strength calculations

Product Improvement

4. Use FEA studies to remove material where it isn’t needed to reduce weight as well as add material where more strength is needed

5. Perform Human Factors studies

a. Can a single person operate the equipment? – Is it too heavy? Too big?

b. How easy is it to assemble or maintain?

Sales and Marketing Material

6. Generate photorealistic renderings to provide clients an accurate idea of what they’re buying

7. Include various options and/or alternative versions

8. Create 3D PDF’s of products – models can be rotated, manipulated, and more using Adobe Acrobat

Cost Estimation

9. Quickly generate material take-offs based on square footage, linear footage, or weight

10. Easily change between different types of building materials

11. Compute totals of hardware needed including things like bolts, washers, etc.


12. Drawing creation time significantly reduced

13. Updating and modifying drawings is much easier – update the model, then regenerate the view, no need to manually redraw or recreate a drawing

14. Instantly generate section cuts and detail views

There has never been a better time to digitally transform your business. The opportunity costs of waiting a pilling up. Contact us at to take action now!

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