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Rapidly push problem-solving guidance and expertise to your equipment operations & service teams with Vuforia Chalk. It’s a powerful and intuitive way for your organization’s experts to effectively communicate real-time assistance to technicians facing complex or unfamiliar challenges.

Increase workforce effectiveness & efficiency –
anytime, anywhere.

Vuforia Chalk enables the industrial enterprise to rapidly and cost-effectively get augmented reality (AR) in the hands of service and operations technicians with the mobile devices they have today.


  • Manufacturing and Service - empower technicians with remote expert guidance for service, step-by-step assembly or inspection

  • On-the-Job Training - increase information retention and accuracy with ad-hoc assistance from a supervisor or trainer while a new technician completes first-time activities

Cool Features:

  • Both users can draw on the world

  • Annotations stick where they are drawn, even as you move around the workspace

  • Pause live view to draw easy to follow step-by-step instructions



"The Chalk AR app is the future of education, service, and support."

- Forbes

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