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Service strategy. Build shared #Vision!

Nearly all PLM and Enterprise initiatives are missing a common #Vision of how Enterprise Systems should be experienced and harmonized.  The concepts of ERP & PLM are well known, but executing a successful deployment of these powerful technologies rarely hit the mark after launch.  Customers typically endure years of unnecessary expense trying to realize the value they were hoping for. But we all know hope is not a strategy.


Building a shared #Vision together, creates business value by aligning business processes and a comprehensive technology platform. Realized value is achieved by taking action now while leveraging an agile approach to implementation.

Shared understanding of the Service #Vision

  • What is the current state of the business?

  • Document challenges: Focus on What? and Why?

  • Identify high-value business opportunities and solutions

  • Create an agreed upon action plan with executive visibility


Monday’s Action

  • Now is the time to take action

  • Multi-phased approach based on prioritized value and achievable targets

  • Solution Architecture - Windchill, Arbortext, Integration, other SLM Components

  • Transformative technology platform is real and ready


Success in iteration

  • Long projects have inherent scope creep due to changes in business climate

  • Agile execution allows business requirements to evolve and be incorporated into the solution, creating rapid business value

Transformational SLM Consulting Services:

  • #Vision Assessment - create a SLM strategic roadmap that supports current and future needs

  • SLM Implementation - we leverage deep domain expertise to successfully configure and implement your strategic roadmap

  • System Integration - Integration with all systems of record (ERP, MES, MRP, CRM, QMS, ALM)

  • Software Development - dedicated software development team to enable your unique requirements

  • Training & Support - ensure a smooth go-live and ongoing organizational adoption


"The engagement went very well. We appreciate New Vision's efforts! I think this will really help us
take the next step in the Windchill world."
- Kevin P.

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