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PTC's Windchill Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is a powerful solution.

Today’s groundbreaking products are more complex than ever before. Innovative new designs must leverage a combination of mechanical, electrical, software, and connectivity – requiring a robust, multidisciplinary approach to product development that starts as far back as defining requirements. When a product is smart and connected, the data generated throughout its lifecycle no longer ends once the product is shipped.


With flexible deployment options, subscription pricing, and data from any source, PTC makes PLM scalable and easy to buy.


  • BOM Management - Adopt a parts-centric approach to managing your Bill of Materials with a single source of product information

  • Change and Configuration Management - Make dynamic, coordinated changes throughout the product lifecycle to deliver the most up-to-date information

  • Requirements Management - Trace requirements throughout the product lifecycle and ensure your products adhere to industry standards

  • Quality Management - Loop quality into the product lifecycle

  • Platform Structures - Think of your product and design as a platform to more efficiently make product variations

  • Collaboration - Role-based data access to stakeholders, ensuring they see only the data that they need

  • Product Data Management - Manage your multi-CAD data in a single system

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“We are continuously impressed with New Vision’s approach and delivery. Great team to work with!”

-Brian K.

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