​Creo has you covered from concept design to simulation to manufacturing to connecting your products in the field.

Creo brings a depth of capabilities to design high quality, innovative products faster. When you subscribe to Creo, you ensure that you always have the latest functionality, premium support, and the flexibility to choose exactly what capabilities you need.


No matter what your specific design task—whether you need direct or parametric modeling—Creo offers a variety of specialized extensions to help you innovate, move faster, and collaborate more effectively.


Top Design Extensions

  • Advanced Framework Extension (AFX)

  • Interactive Surface Design Extension (ISDX)

  • Piping and Cabling Extension (PCX)


Enable faster, better design decisions with Creo’s analysis capabilities. Simulation early and often in the design process reduces costly physical prototyping, and increases product durability, reliability, and safety.


Creo Simulate Live

  • Run your first simulation in minutes

  • Discover problems early in the design process

  • Designed for engineers, not analysts


In the age of IoT, you can utilize product usage data from a test-bed or the field—creating smarter designs with Creo. Collaborating with others has never been easier, with Creo’s integrated augmented reality (AR) capabilities and the ability to share files from multiple CAD systems.


Top Connectivity Extensions

  • Product Insight Extension

  • Augmented Reality (AR)

  • Collaboration Extensions


Quickly transition from design to manufacturing with Creo. A single system ensures you always have data continuity, so when the model changes, the toolpaths change. Creo’s integrated direct modeling functionality allows for easy, on-the-fly changes to simplify models or reflect your manufacturing process.


Top Manufacturing Extensions

  • Tooling Design Extension (TFX)

  • Complete Machining Extension (CMX)

  • Complete Mold Design Extension


Experience design the way it should be.



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