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thingworx navigate
thingworx navigate

The time and expertise of your engineers is a valuable asset. Naturally, you want them creating better products, faster. How much is that costing you in the competitive marketplace when an engineer spends half their day fulfilling product data requests from stakeholders across the company?

With ThingWorx Navigate, product data is now self-serve for everyone who needs it. All the latest drawings, part numbers, and documentation in the product's lifecycle are instantly available through a clean straightforward mobile interface. No engineer intervention needed.

Practical Solutions for Everyday Problems

Your business has unique systems of record and product data requirments. New Vision has built a software development team of ThingWorx Certified Developers to meet those unique needs.

practical solutions

Learn more about ThingWorx Navigate and myView apps

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ThingWorx Navigate Data Sheet

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"We used to have to spend months training our people to do Engineering Changes in our archaic system, now with New Vision's Change Author App (powerd by ThingWorx) they can use the application immediately and it's intuitive enough to be productive. We're very excited to roll this out!"  -Margo B.

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