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3 Reasons Why HoloLens and ThingWorx Studio are Leading the Future of Programming

Relating to costumers and demonstrating your product has never been easier!

Introducing ThingWorx Studio:

ThingWorx Studio unleashes the power of the Microsoft HoloLens in the industrial enterprise with the fastest, most cost-effective Mixed Reality (MR) authoring solution available today!

So many businesses are already reaping the benefits of ThingWorx Studio. With this powerful and easy-to-use tool, HoloLens customers can rapidly create scalable Augmented and Mixed Reality experiences.

Typically, creating content for Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality experiences requires sophisticated tools, expensive resources and long development cycles – not to mention being very expensive.

However, by using ThingWorx Studio’s visual drag and drop authoring environment, with built-in support for gestures and voice commands, users can quickly create immersive HoloLens interactions without the need for skilled programming or costly custom designers.

HoloLens creates a competitive advantage for customers, saves valuable time and money, and increases the company’s relatability.

Still not convinced? Here are 3 more reasons why you should seriously consider using ThingWorx Studio and HoloLens:

1. Possesses an Intuitive Code-Free Authoring Environment

2. Exhibits amazing Support for Voice and Gesture Navigation

3. Features flexible Cloud or On-Premises Deployment Options

HoloLens is the future of programming!

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