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Connected Products

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) has always been described as complete virtual lifecycle of a product: from cradle to grave.

But once the product is in the customers’ hands, all bets are off – the opportunity to intimately understand how the consumer uses the product is lost.

So now what?

In a previous article I expanded on how PLM was a system for continuous improvement, however, there is a deficit of information on what to improve post-release. The only lifecycle information received post-production are often complaints. These may translate to actionable changes through internal Correction Action Requests (CAR), but this isn’t proactive and it has a long cycle time. This isn’t conducive for productivity!

Fortunately, advancements in network communications, analysis tools and cost-effective sensors have brought about a new buzzword – Internet of Things (IoT), which describes connected things; some of which are Smart Connected Products (SCP) sending sensor data to manufactures through an Internet connection.

There is more to IoT than connected devices capturing and relaying information. It can also be human resources, such as a field technician receiving maintenance information from a connected thing. It can also be Information Technology servers automating the process of sending a technician out to the field to make a repair.

New Vision can help you create a #Vision for deploying IoT so you can start leveraging the value of connected things. Contact us at to learn more about #VisionWeek.

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