Meet the ThingWorx Asset Advisor App

The Asset Advisor App provides real-time health checks to keep critical assets online. Asset Advisor enables Maintenance Professionals to gain visibility into the health and status of critical assets. This app provides real-time anomaly detection and condition-based monitoring, so Maintenance Professionals can make more informed decisions and proactively correct potential issues before they impact production. Imagine the time that can be saved! Check out the awesome capabilities: · Automatic remote notification when a machine signal or KPI deviates from normal behavior · Real-time monitoring of all industrial assets, their status, and alarms · Connects to all your industria

ThingWorx Provides Role-Based Insight for Real-Time Decision-Making

Don't you just love it when technology gets better? Well, it just did. Designed to overcome the specific challenges of particular factory roles, the ThingWorx Manufacturing Apps enable: Production Managers to monitor the real-time state of the production floor, including line and machine performance — and make proactive adjustments to achieve daily production goals. Maintenance Managers to get visibility into all assets across the factory floor on a single screen so they can proactively prevent machine downtime. Controls Engineers to instantly be notified when a PLC or device stops communicating and to use trending tools, event logs, and alerts to troubleshoot the problem remotely. Your job

New Vision is Leading the Way with IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is certainly heating up the market. Over the last year we have seen a lot of activity in this space. Thales and Gemalto merger @ $5.5 billion set to go through in Q3 this year. In fact, many large traditional companies are embracing IoT and building out their portfolio to make them “market ready” for the huge growth of expected devices to be connected over the coming years. In other words, this is a big deal. Whether you choose an IoT platform which requires certificate-based authentication or choose one that doesn’t, either way KeyScaler can support solving fundamental challenges. Here are 5 things KeyScaler does to make your job easier: How to securely onboar

Where is Technology Going?

The IoT will bring product Big Data to manufacturing companies allowing exhaustive analysis across multiple, and seemingly unconnected, stacks of data. For example, companies can improve or introduce new products after comparing device usage against customer behavior patterns discovered from marketing studies. Just think of the power of targeted marketing you see on Facebook and Google Adwords, and applying that precision to manufactured goods! The possibilities are endless! Targeted marketing tracks usage patterns and serves advertising for products that match what individuals are most likely to consume. With advancements in production output like 3D printing, manufacturing cycle time wil

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