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4 Amazing Things You Must Know About the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things – or IoT – is helping to lead the charge in the technology world!

The best thing you can do to ride this wave and be ahead of the game is to be the first to embrace the IoT. However, you may be asking whether or not the IoT can really do everything you will need it to do: “does this thing really have the answers?”

More and more companies are saying, quite simply, “Yes.”

With an estimated 50 billion connected “Things” predicted by the year 2020, a potential economic impact of $6.2 trillion is very possible.

Here are the four amazing things you must know about the Internet of Things:

1. Learn how their products are performing in the field from sensors on those products themselves.

2. Analyze information to better understand the product’s performance, quality, and use.

3. Explore root cause using information about conditions at the time it failed, user behavior, and environmental factors.

4. Improve the way products are serviced, designed, or manufactured.

This means that IoT data will add even more information to the wealth of product-related information already available to companies: in just about four years’ time, the sheer volume of data is expected to skyrocket to 15X what it is today!

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