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4 Exceedingly Simple Steps to Externalizing Simplified Representations in Windchill

When working on a project, saving time is essential, especially when you have deadlines to meet.

Unfortunately, taking the time for Creo projects to load sucks up a lot of that valuable time which could have been spent working on your project.

Terry Szymanski, an engineering consultant from New Vision Engineering, shares a ridiculously simple 4 step shortcut to externalizing your simplified representations in your Windchill Workspace for easy access at any time!

Within Creo users can create Simplified Representations that allow them to look at a subset of an assembly:

1. While creating one of these External Simplified Representation, go to the View Manager, right-click a Simplified Representation and select ‘Copy As External’

2. Name the object so that you can locate it when searching. I like to check the Dependent box so that it is automatically updated when I change the master.

3. This new Externalized Representation will show up in your workspace browser with an External Simplified Rep icon.

4. You can now search and find that newly created External Simplified Rep as its own object in Windchill. When you add the External Simplified Representation to a Workspace, only the components within the External Simplified Representation are added to the workspace.

This can be extremely useful for retrieving only the CAD data that is desirable to work on at that moment, and for users that deal with extremely large assemblies, this can save a lot of time!

These External Simplified Reps are saved internally in the assembly file, but visible as a separate object in Windchill if desired.

Most users don’t know that you can create Externalized Simplified Reps inside of Windchill as standalone searchable objects, but it is possible, and it will make your life so much easier!

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