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The Key to Elevating Your Business to the Next Level

According to Google, 91% of users turn to mobile devices during a task – with 60% claiming they make decisions faster using mobile apps.

Everyone is connected these days, and whether your company produces smart, connected products today or not, IoT and the Cloud is the means by which you are increasingly connected to the data that flows into your daily life.

In fact, over one Exabyte of data (or 1 million terabytes) is estimated to be currently stored in and communicated from the cloud. In a matter of seconds, you can push a button on your smart phone and ask it for the latest weather information, traffic data, the best restaurants in the area and their up-to-the minute reviews, today’s movie times, nearby shopping centers – and all this comes from the cloud data your smartphone apps can simply “tap into.” The possibilities are endless!

Well, nearly endless.

The same model of quick and easy access to up-to-the-minute data for making key decisions does not usually apply to your company’s systems – or your product’s information.

This makes is so much harder for you and your company to succeed and creates frustration and inefficiency in the process. Today, your organizational IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology) has in large part not made it to this cloud-enabled, mobile-ready, IoT-powered, simplified, highly intuitive, familiar, and otherwise ubiquitous “app” paradigm – a paradigm which has quickly grown to be the primary way many users interact with technology and the world around them.

Until now.

Thingworx Navigate is a revolutionary new set of applications that let stakeholders across a company access and impact product data sourced from multiple systems of record in a simple, role-based user interface.

Thingworx Navigate product lifecycle offers stakeholders a modern user experience that is as easy to use as a smartphone app.

The age of having access to your business through your smartphone is HERE. Don’t miss it.

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