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PTC Adds Emerging Technology to Their Core PLM Suite!

You’d think that after 30 plus years of running a company, PTC would run out of innovative and amazing ideas for their costumers, right?


There are so many new things that PTC has to offer! This is most embodied in the firm’s addition of an IoT platform — ThingWorx — to their product suite, which scored as a Leader in Forrester’s IoT Software Platform Wave evaluation.

But that’s not all –

Their decision to target IoT is logical, as their CAD offering (Creo) and PLM offering (Windchill 11) cover product design and development, while ThingWorx solidifies their presence in industrial settings.

PTC has been aggressive in their adoption of emerging technologies that touch on their core product development software capabilities and build out on the functionality of their Windchill PLM product!

And as if that isn’t enough…

The firm has also been aggressive in augmented reality technology that creates dynamic in-the-field mobile experiences for clients that adopt it, and customers were also eager to point out the high level of attention PTC paid to their needs, quickly turning product requests into functionality in Windchill updates.

The world is changing very fast these days, especially in the area of technology. PTC is taking the lead in embracing the future!

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